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Your beautiful baby boy has been feeding regularly and suddenly he's fussy at feeding time

What do you do?


You bring your precious baby girl home...

she keeps sleeping and sleeping and sleeping

Should you wake her or not?


She wakes and nothing soothes her

Now what?


Your first child keeps having tantrums since

the new baby's arrival

Is this ever going to get easier?


How do you get the support you need as a parent and reduce the tensions of family life?


This is where Melanie McGrath and Whispering Baby come in...

With over 30 years years experience as both a Clinician and a Mom, Melanie arrives to assist Parents in

knowing and giving voice to their innate parental instincts

All babies come into the world



The earlier that parents are supported in knowing

their innate instincts and decoding their baby's communications, the better the bonding is with

their new infant. The more secure your bond and communications are with your baby, the easier

it is to create the life that you want for your baby.


At in-home visits arranged around your schedule,

Melanie works with parents through observing

your infant and educating about common infant developmental phases and family life.


Melanie shares her innate skills and vast experiences as

a Clinical Social Worker, Psychoanalyst, Reiki Practitioner, Mom, and Grandmom. Together Parents and Melanie create strategies that focus on your strengths, your baby's strengths, and that optimize your bonding with your baby.

All services are in your home

and arranged around your schedule

In-home services are insurance reimbursable

In the moment, you have questions and need to make decisions about your baby.

Through in-home visits with Melanie you gain confidence in your understanding, and in

your ability to meet your baby's needs. This relieves tensions, for you and your baby,

and helps you to create the family that you want!

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