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  • Rebecca, mother of Adele and Aeryn

Bronx, NY


Melanie has been a godsend.

She was with me in labor and delivery when I was delivering my son who was stillborn due to a cord accident. She was then very supportive following the pre-term delivery of my twin girls. Melanie provided Reiki following my c-sections which helped to speed up recovery and she was encouraging of my desire to breastfeed the twins. Melanie made house calls and even came to the NICU to provide support since my girls were there for a month.


Melanie is a mother of three, and an analytic mom to many, so she has lots of experience to offer. Her kind, affirming nature is very calming to babies, and my girls, who have lots of separation anxieties, had no issue being carried by her and even worn, something they almost always refuse unless it's mama. If you're a new mom seeking some support and guidance to know you're doing it "right" then look no further, Melanie provides just that.


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  • Anne, mother of Jonathan and Rebecca

Palo Alto, CA


Melanie is an exceptional combination of innate empathy and years of accumulated knowledge and experience with the human psyche from birth to maturity. In the more than 25 years that I have known her, I have had the pleasure of observing her way of soothing, listening to, and communication with babies that brings them to calm, joyful connection with their families and

the greater world around them.

She is a true baby whisperer.


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